How Our Products Are Made

The Beginning

What began as a small home based business making herbal tinctures has evolved into a successful business that employs over 50 employees. Today, NATURTECH is well on its way to achieving its vision: to be a leader in providing superior, science-based and traditional herbal medicine to the health care industry. Word has spread quickly about the extracting standards to which NATURTECH's products are made and over the years the company has welcomed continuous growth. Originally established in 1976, NATURTECH products are now manufactured in a modern facility in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Healthy FamilyThe Source

We obtain our herbs directly from the growers, where they are harvested at the proper stage of growth to arrive fresh and vital in our plant. Some herb parts, such as flowers, leaves and buds must be processed in a fresh form to retain their full medicinal characteristics. Other herb parts, such as roots, barks, seeds and gums, are brought in dry in order to fully impart their medicinal properties. Our quality control department carefully inspects every shipment of herbs upon arrival. In some cases thin layer chromatography is used to ensure authenticity and quality of the herbs.


Following inspection, and in order to protect the active constituents of the herbs, they are ground in a hammer mill. Great care is taken to control the temperature at which the herbs are exposed in the hammer mill.


NATURTECH worked closely for over 15 years with select master herbalists to perfect each formulation and continues to research our processes in our laboratory. Many of the NATURTECH products were produced as a result of requests directly from health care professionals.


In keeping with our Okanagan surroundings and lifestyle, organic grape alcohol is used in NATURTECH extractions. Grape sugar is unique in that it does a superior job of extracting medicinal plant constituents, and results in an herbal product that is especially safe, fast acting and effective. Organic grape alcohol is hypo-allergenic and guaranteed 100% free of genetic modification. Our menstruum is guaranteed to be completely gluten-free.


The medicinal properties of the herbs in our liquid extracts are obtained using reverse osmoses water and a special low heat saturation process. Our water originates in the Okanagan, ensuring the highest quality and purity the valley has to offer. Our extracts are low in alcohol (6%).

Our glycerine extracts are extracted using reverse osmosis water and a special low heat saturation process. Glycerine extracts are alcohol free. Our glycerine is purely vegetable derived.

Tinctures are made with a cold extraction process using grape alcohol, vinegar, and water. The alcohol content of our tinctures is between 50-54%.

Our tincture/extracts have a unique double extraction process. The herb is processed as a tincture, then as an extract, and then concentrated. This double extraction process provides a full spectrum of extracted phytonutrients. Alcohol content is between 25-29%.

NATURTECH Formulae are a carefully selected blend of herbs which maximize the synergy of the herbs. They are a combination of herbs in one remedy, allowing the main ingredient in the blend to be reinforced by one or more herbs.

NATURTECH tonics are a specific blend of extracts with the addition of natural fruit juice, honey, or glycerine, which makes the extract very palatable and beneficial.


All products are filtered by gravity as apposed to a membrane to ensure retention of active principals.


The leftover herbs from these processes are called "marc". This "marc" is composted and turned into soil to be returned to the earth where it came from.

The Finished Product

Finally, our finished products are tested for taste, aroma, color, appearance and activity using organoleptic and laboratory test procedures, ensuring the best quality products available.